Reconnecting with an old love!

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A couple of weeks ago, the children of a good friend of mine surprised her with the gift of a cello. It seems that when she was younger, Krista had played clarinet in the high school band and cello in the orchestra. She enjoyed playing both and was able to balance the demands of playing two instruments. However, in her final two years of high school the music director asked her to play clarinet in the band and orchestra. Krista agreed, although played cello once in a while, always with the intention of going back to it. When the final year of high school hit, she found herself too busy to play both instruments. She dropped the cello altogether.

Fast forward several years, a handful of children, a busy career and a variety of volunteer experiences. Krista had occasionally mentioned to her family how much she missed playing cello and her regret at not keeping it up after high school. Her kids, now grown with paying jobs, decided to do something about it. Turns out a cello makes a pretty awesome birthday gift!

There are several things I love about this story.

  • First, it’s the realization that rarely is it too late to reconnect with something you love. I think the yearning never really goes away, don’t you? It just takes the right set of circumstances to bring it back to life.
  • It was Krista’s family that made it possible for her find her way back to the cello. They listened to their mom’s words and her heart.
  • Krista received this gift with joy, even knowing that her playing would be rusty for a while. But that doesn’t really matter does it?

I had a similar experience to Krista’s a couple of years ago when I was given a violin. I’d played viola in high school, but didn’t have one of my own. I missed playing, but purchasing a viola wasn’t even on my list of priorities. So, when I was given a violin I was very excited. There are a lot of similarities between violin and viola (although the music for them is written in different clefs), so I was pretty sure I could pick up the violin. I took some violin lessons at a community music school (despite feeling quite out of place sitting in the waiting room with a bunch of kids!).

I am still incredibly rusty on the violin. But now that Krista has her cello, we can encourage one another in our playing. Who knows, before too long we may be jammin’!

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3 Responses to Reconnecting with an old love!

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  2. I love the courage that you and Krista exhibit in taking on these opportunities!


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