Spring – the promise of rebirth and renewal

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Well, technically it’s Spring, although it sure doesn’t feel like it. With Easter less than two weeks away, I am used to seeing a bit of life in the garden. But even the snowdrops, those early harbingers of Spring, have barely broken the soil’s surface. It looks like it will be a few more weeks before I get my knees dirty in the garden. (Although I suppose I could at least pick up the litter scattered throughout the yard.)

Even though the flowers aren’t out yet, the great thing is that I know they are coming. Crouched beneath the soil, the bulbs and seeds are getting ready to spring to life. But they are already full of life, aren’t they?

Within each bulb and seed in the garden lies everything they need to become something quite amazing — food for the birds, home for insects, a balm for winter-weary hearts, and more. Their capacity for growth astounds me every Spring!

Ah Spring! For me, it’s about promise, renewal and new life.

Growth and renewal require the right conditions, however. The plants in my garden need water, the sun’s warmth and light, and nutrients from the soil. I can help things along with a garden hose, mulch and fertilizer. Then I need to continually tend the garden by keeping the weeds at bay (something I am not good at doing, but at least the mulch helps), removing spent flowers, pruning where needed, and fighting off harmful pests. Frankly, it’s a lot of work.

I see gardening as a metaphor for my own life. For me to flourish like the plants in the garden, I also need the right conditions and careful tending. I’m so thankful for everyone in my life who is helping with this hard work. When I see the Spring flowers come into bloom and listen once more to the Easter story, I’ll be reminded that it is absolutely worth it.

Happy Spring!

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I'm a communicator and writer living in Mississauga.
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3 Responses to Spring – the promise of rebirth and renewal

  1. Bobby Butler says:

    Hope springs eternal.


  2. Liz Leake says:

    Absolutely agree, Rebeca!


  3. I’m hoping it will start to look and feel like spring soon! Yes, it’s the perfect season for starting new projects and breathing new life into one’s routine…


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