Hello there and welcome to Larger on the Inside. I began this blog as part of the Foundations in Digital Communications Strategy and Social Media course at University of Toronto. It’s one of three courses required for U of T’s Certificate in Digital Strategy and Communications Management.

I’m a communicator living in the Greater Toronto Area and I’ve been in this business for quite a while. Along the way I have seen an astounding amount of change, which is why I’m so interested in exploring the concept of capacity.

I must admit that I have an inordinate fondness for dictionaries. So, when thinking about the focus of this blog it’s the first place I turned: Oxford, Webster, F&W, Gage, Harper, plus a variety of specialty dictionaries; the shelf groans.

Here’s my favourite definition of capacity: the ability or power to do or understand something. (Thanks Oxford!) I also love that capacity rhymes with tenacity, veracity, and audacity, things also worth exploring!

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